Trust Your Teen For 

True Success

Learn why you absolutely MUST TRUST… This course teaches you HOW to trust, in order to empower genuine personal responsibility in your child and to harmonise your relationship with them, forever more!

(Even if you think you’ve already TRIED trusting and it failed, or you don’t feel able to trust your child, or you don’t believe your child can be trusted…)

The Problems Many Parents of 

Teenage Students are Facing:

  • How on earth can I motivate my child?  For success in their studies of course but also just in life?  How can I support my son or daughter to find and develop their natural passions and interests - academic AND non-academic - and ultimately to move themselves closer towards meaningful life work? 
  • How do I speak with them?  I have lost the ability to communicate to good effect!  They just don’t want to know any more… All my well-meaning parental attempts to talk it through with them, encourage them and spur them on seem more or less completely in vain.  They just don’t want to hear it, nothing gets done and nothing is changing.  I resort to nagging and nagging to no effect other than that they are more distant than ever and I feel completely exhausted and defeated.  
  • How can I get them to be organised and responsible?  I still do everything for them - why am I still checking their school bags for them?!  They’re 15!!  Why is it my responsibility to make them on time and help them find the right uniform?  Why am I the one that ends up checking that they’re up to date with homework on Firefly, or whatever online homework system your school uses, not them…?  They are far too old for this and I know deep down somehow that this just isn’t right...  This is not serving anyone!  But what alternative do I have?!
  • How about homework and revision?  The schools seem to think it’s up to me, piling the pressure on in various ways, deflecting it back to us parents somehow, to get them to do it and to keep up, but what are we actually supposed to do when they’re not up for it or say no?!  How to get them to start doing their homework well - with some meaning and purpose - as opposed to doing the bare minimum as quickly as possible?
  • And how to get them to stay open, respectful and honest with us?  To continue to share life closely with me as the GCSE & life pressure mounts?  How to speak with them about seemingly unrelated topics (to GCSEs at least) like drugs, drinking, sex, gaming etc?  How to help them make conscious choices and stay in the conversation with them on these topics so that I can help them become good decision-makers; so that I don’t have to worry about them and so that I can at least have a say in guiding them in this frankly terrifying new freedom and autonomy that they are now exploring?
  •  The 'Trust Your Teen' Challenge - Online Course

    So what’s the solution?  What is the actual pathway to ‘Real GCSE and Life Success’? This Challenge is specifically designed to be THE solution to all of these problems (and many more I must say, countless deep-rooted issues) in today’s families. 

    In the Trust Challenge I am going to give you everything I have learned in 20 years of working very closely with (literally) 1000+ teenagers and parents... 

    The course will be packed with insights, case studies, stories, testimonials and practical, applicable tools for how you can take this leap of faith into trust right away and start to see immediate results.  It is a 'Challenge' so there are some steps and actions to take during the Challenge, with assignments at the end of each week.  It is important  to do it all and make sure you know clearly what’s at stake; what a HUGE step forward this is going to be for you, your child and your family if you participate in it all fully.  The more you give to it in fact - I guarantee you - the better your results will be, with immediate effect and growing exponentially into the future.

    I am going to show you 100 times over or more, in this Challenge, prove to you, the rich and utterly profound benefits of making this complete U-turn from a parenting style of pressuring, stressing, judging, blaming (and despairing) to empowering, trusting and communicating effectively. 

    Trust is THE missing piece, not only in our families - with all our (well-intentioned but self-defeating) helicoptering, interfering and micro-managing - but also most certainly in our schools too and in our modern day, global culture. This is why so many parents are struggling now at this age and stage.  We don’t know we need to make this leap into trust!  And if we do, we don't know how to make it, we don’t know how to handover, we don’t know how to communicate effectively…

    Included in the Course

    • 'Trust Your Teen' Parent Challenge, Online Course.
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
    • 4 x Weekly Trust Challenge Parenting Q & A calls

    After signing up, you will be given access to the full online course. 

    You will come out of the course with:

    • A whole new perspective on how to parent effectively
    • A treasure trove of easy new tools, tips and tricks to empower self-leadership and responsibility in your child
    • Inspiration from countless stories, testimonials, insights and experience to make the leap of faith into trust without any remaining doubt
    • A new community of like-minded parents supporting you every step of the way over the coming years
    • Immediate results within the week - noticeable changes validating this essential shift and approach forever in your parenting and family life
    benefit 1

    Learn how to communicate more effectively, handing over responsibility to your child, where you can effort far less and gain far more, in terms of results in your child

    benefit 2

    Be guided and supported to take responsibility for your own anxieties, where you can get your own life, peace of mind, sleep and dignity back and see how to grow close with your teen again.

    benefit 3

    Achieve new-found family harmony and stability, setting the foundations for incredible longterm benefits for all in the family, forever!

    About Henry

    Online Teen Mentor and Parent Coach, Henry Dingle, has been working with teenagers now for over 20 years, blending his knack for engaging teenagers in authentic mentoring relationship with specialist English & Maths GCSE tuition. Henry created the Young Fire Academy’s flagship ‘12 Week Mentorship Programme’ in 2019 to also include the parent support and coaching element to help the parents themselves learn to effectively motivate, love and empower their children at this highly pressurised age and stage in schooling and developmental terms.

    The programme tackles contemporary student mindset issues and removes typical parent stumbling blocks, relieving parents of the great burden of stress and family tension and empowering their demotivated, underperforming teens by bringing back enjoyment, meaning & purpose to their studies and lives.

    Happy customers

    Dawn Sproson

    Property Manager

    Hope for a Sound Future

    Henry clearly lays out the challenges faced by parents and educators and his experiences in testing his aspirations to set teenagers free to be their best selves. A reminder that with love past failures can always be turned to experience. As every parent loves their child, there is a firm foundation to start from no matter the apparent distance between them. His confidence in his vision gives hope for a sound future for parents longing to see their children at peace with themselves, their families and the world.

    Jane Marie 

    Marketing Specialist

    I Can't Thank You Enough!

    Hearing Henry's straight talk about how best to support my teen has given me such a boost, to see there are simple (and profound) things I can do to support our situation. It is a relief to know that I can prioritise my relationship with my son, and that holding a line, just for the sake of it, can be counter productive. Thank you Henry, I can't thank you enough.

    Lucy Valery


    Such Truth

    Henry speaks such truth, offering convincing and thought provoking insights. He is a real star in this field and is doing a lot of good for teenagers and their parents. I’m totally on board with what he says about trust and I am very supported by his words of wisdom. 

    Course Modules


    Week 1: Why Trust

    1. The Future of Education: Choice, Self Direction and Taking Responsibility
    2. The Optimal Learning Environment
    3. The Challenges of our Times
    4. The Role of Institutions & Schools
    5. The Role of the Parent
    6. Assignment

    Week 2: When to Trust

    1. Being Open to Change
    2. The Relationship with the Teacher
    3. Trusting That All is Well
    4. Emphasising Strengths, Supporting Passions
    5. Q & A
    6. Assignment

    Week 3: Self-Love

    1. Self Love & A Healing Balm
    2. Gratitude for Self & Reflecting on our Accomplishments
    3. Rebuilding Trust
    4. Showing Up as a Parent
    5. The Incredible Lessons in Failure
    6. Parent Share and Assignment
    7. Assignment

    Week 4: How to Trust

    1. Strong Foundations
    2. Taking Stock of all We've Achieved
    3. Gaming
    4. The Handover Process
    5. What's the Plan? Supporting Your Teen to Take on Responsibility
    6. Q&A
    7. Getting Support
    8. Assignment

    Week 5: Goodie Bag and Food for Thought

    1. Being Responsive
    2. The Foundation: Love, Trust, Respect, Honouring & Belonging
    3. Speaking Up
    4. Handing Over, With Support
    5. The Pitfalls of Blame, Criticism and Judgement
    6. The Goody Bag
    7. Bringing in a Mentor
    8. Wrapping Up
    9. Assignment


    4 x Weekly Q&A Calls with Henry

    As part of the Trust Challenge, Henry is offering 4 x Weekly Trust Challenge Q & A calls. This is an opportunity to check in with Henry, on a weekly basis and review how things are going. These calls will take place on Wednesdays 1-2pm (UK) and Fridays 5-6pm (UK). You are invited to join as many of these calls as you wish and recordings of the calls will be made available if you're unable to attend live. Attendance of the calls is recommended, but not essential.

    Course Bonuses

    Bonus 01

    4 x weekly Q&A calls with an opportunity to check in with Henry and review how things are going. The times are these calls are:

    • Wednesday 1-2pm (UK)
    • Friday 5-6pm (UK)

     Recordings of the calls are available for those who are unable to join live. 

    Bonus 02

    Access to the  Young Fire Academy Parent Community via the Private Facebook Group.

    Bonus 03

    30-minute 1 to 1 parent review / private coaching call with Henry at the end of the course 

    What is the Time Commitment?

    The time commitment to complete the Challenge is around 5 hours video content and 4 x 1 hour parent Q&A calls. The assignments are integrated into your everyday life and posting about them will take 5-10 minutes.

    Don't Settle!

     If you are struggling now in any way with parenting your teenager through their schooling years, I would urge you to get involved and commit the time to complete the course. Don’t settle for anxiety, stress and conflict, let’s get you all happy, harmonious and well, right away!

    Pathway to Success

    Here’s the pathway to success in the broadest and best sense - GCSEs and grades, yes, but also from a platform of true family harmony (lifelong) and for your teen to learn the real lessons, to get the real gold, the true substance, from this whole GCSE process, beyond just the empty paperwork...

    the 'Trust Your teen' challenge


    99 (plus VAT)

    • 'Trust Your Teen' Parent Challenge Online Video Course with case studies and daily assignments. 
    • 4 x weekly Q&A calls with an opportunity to check in with Henry and review how things are going, week by week. 
    • 30-minute parent review / private coaching call with Henry, at the end of the course
    • Access to the  Young Fire Academy Parent Community via the Private Facebook Group.
    money back
    100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

    If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

    Here’s what people are saying about the 'Trust Your Teen' Challenge

    Hilde Doren


    A Reset Button

    The ’Trust Your Teen’ Challenge has been the most powerful parent- reset - button for me. It is so good to have another chance with my boys. I thought I had sort of given up, but this Challenge helped me me to see I am far from giving up. Thank you Henry for your awesome work. You are my Guru in parenting and my hope for this course was to be inspired. Check! I am super-inspired to never give up on my responsibility as a parent.

    Christina Lane

    Art Director

    Thank you for making this possible!

    I love being reminded of the importance of my teens self-leadership and of nurturing the relation with them first and foremost. And the perspective on schools as not being the most important source of knowledge for life! The Challenge did that for me and that makes such a difference in our everyday life and for our relating at home. Thank you Henry for Making this possible.

    Lucille White

    Business Owner

    An energy boost for my parenting

    I greatly appreciated the parent support on the Trust Challenge. Hearing about others’ challenges and  wins was all very normalising and inspiring. Doing the Challenge was an energy boost for my parenting, eye opening and so encouraging. I’m so happy I dived in and I’m reaping the rewards of a much more harmonious relationship with my teen.

    Personal Note

    I can’t wait to meet you, spend this time together and to see you on the calls and for this incredible, unmissable, 'Trust Your Teen' Challenge!