Parent Testimonials

"I recommend him unreservedly...

The help and support that Henry gave my daughter had a significant impact on her results, but perhaps more importantly, he has helped lay to rest the idea that her dyslexia prevents her from succeeding in anything involving long-form writing, and significantly improved her academic confidence."

Lindsey Sandom-Brown 

“I cannot emphasise how strongly I feel about Henry's contribution to our son's excellent ultimate performance and results in all his London independent schools

 Concluded in my son being offered places in all five of the universities of his choice.  I believe that this was a product of Henry's gentle but obviously knowledgeable approach which enabled him to work with our son rather than just mentoring him from above."

Lanny Aldrich

"Linking Henry with S. was the best thing that could have happened to her..."

"He was able to assess her potential and learning style almost immediately and provided effective and focused tutoring and mentoring, in a calm and clear way which enabled her to learn and retain knowledge."

Kamaljit Poonia 

“He restored my daughters’ confidence and enjoyment in maths”

“Henry seems to have the ability to adapt his teaching to suit his pupil and to help them realise their potential. I thank Henry in particular for restoring my daughters’ confidence and enjoyment in maths.”

Louise Cox

"His endless patience and skills as a teacher enabled my daughter to re-engage with her studies."

Henry worked with my daughter during her GCSEs. His endless patience and skills as a teacher enabled her to re-engage with her studies and go on to achieve her GCSEs. 

Yusuf Ahmad, (Associate Professor, UWE Bristol)