Bringing Enjoyment, Meaning & Purpose Back To Your Teenager’s Education 

The missing ingredient in today's families and schools... 

Are you frustrated that your teenage child is:

Not Working

Doing the 'bare minimum' and getting bored and disengaged despite much natural brightness and intelligence

Losing Confidence

Getting poor results generally, making 'silly mistakes' in Maths, needing essay writing technique for English 

Not Listening to You

Avoiding your support and efforts to help motivate them, resulting in nagging, resentment and tension

Parent Testimonials

Guaranteed Student Results:

* All students and parents must have the necessary openness and willingness to participate fully in the programme in order to guarantee these results.

  • Increased confidence & motivation
  • Improved performance (grades)
  • Greater awareness of their own potential
  • Ability to study and learn independently
  • More respectful & cooperative at home
  • Greater harmony with teachers & parents

24 - Week Group and 1:1 Coaching Programmes

For Teenagers and Parents

Authentic Relationship 

No coercion needed to engage

Genuine student buy-in

Visible enjoyment, every session

Independent authority

Authentic leadership

Positive male role model

Specialised Tuition

English GCSE - essay writing technique

Maths GCSE - processing errors, aka 'silly mistakes'

Empowering self-direction

Personal organisation

Enlivening learning in all subjects

Mindset Coaching

Finding purpose in schooling

Fuelling intrinsic motivation

Building self-confidence

Reducing anxiety & pressure

Removing stumbling blocks

Responding to individual needs



Reassurance in schooling-related decision making

How to hand over responsibility to your teen

Highly effective parenting tools & techniques

Harmonising relationship with your teen 

Empowerment of your own natural parenting wisdom

Student Testimonials

"He made me believe in myself again..."

When asked by her Sixth Form College at interview how she managed to overcome her personal challenges and learning difficulties to achieve the grades she did, M just said, "his name is Henry and he made me believe in myself again."

ML (Bristol, UK)

"He gave me support when I needed it most..."

"Henry did not just help me develop and succeed in Literature and essay writing, but was a great support mentally and an amazing mentor. His patience and 'zen' state of mind is what helped me get through my exams with a relaxed mindset, as opposed to freaking out...!"

- NM (Kuwait)

“Henry taught me more maths in a few sessions than I’d learned in years of sitting in class...”

He gave me a huge boost in confidence in my own abilities and was a genuine mentor & guide to me at a challenging time, someone I could open up to and take real support from.

- LL (California, USA)