The ‘Phone Challenge’ Day 5

Watch this 1 hour and 11 minute video.

Complete the reflection exercises when you are invited to, during the video.

Total time commitment = 1 hour and 11 mins

Day Five

Reflection Exercise: Continue to follow through on your LEADERSHIP steps from Day 3. What’s the one non-negotiable step…? We'd love to know when you’ve taken it!

I hope you have enjoyed participating in the Phone Challenge and you received unexpectedly profound value from your time here. If you like my approach and you can see the beauty and potency of gifting your teen the right support for their inner self confidence and mindset, then now is the time to follow a proven step-by-step process to empower in them greater motivation, self-direction, responsibility and life purpose for these crucial, formative years. See below to book at time to meet with me to discuss how this could look for you.

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