Parent Masterclass Details

I am going to work with a selected few Parents in our Live Masterclass to give them my latest training to help them empower confidence, motivation and purpose in their teen.

You will have direct access to me live as your Parent Coach.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. 👉🏽 Teen Motivation, Responsibility & Self-Leadership
  2. 👉🏽 Teen Objections
  3. 👉🏽 Parent Trust & Respect 
  4. 👉🏽 Family Harmony, Ease and Relief

And, help you walk away with:

  • Strengthened beliefs and identity as a parent
  • Practical strategies for you and your teen to implement right away
  • An insight into the importance of trust in the relationship with your teen
  • Effective teen empowerment tools
  •  And, so much more!

There will be a lot of Parents who will want a spot in this free Parent Masterclass.

So, there are a few conditions to be accepted:

  1. You are coachable. I will simply provide you with actionable steps to implement. Trusting the process and following me as your Parent Coach is key to getting results.
  2. You agree to complete a short survey after the Parent Masterclass to share your insights and results.
  3. You bring an awesome attitude and energy to our Parent Community.
  4. We suggest also being prepared to have your camera on so that you can get the most out of being in the session.

Does this work? 

Check out the results from other Parents who have gone through the same Masterclass:

Hilde Shedon

Property Manager

Go For It!

I so appreciate hearing how Henry supports parents and teens. My main takeaway from the Masterclass is to trust and commit, again, to stop the nagging, micromanaging and reactivity regarding the need to control. I love to hear from other parents to see we are in this together and share the same struggles and challenges. For anyone considering attending Masterclass, I’d say ‘Go for it!’ You will feel a shift in how you show up to parent. 

Susan Laney


Best Hour Spent in Long Time!

Hearing Henry's straight talk about how best to support my teen has given me such a boost, to see there are simple (and profound) things I can do to support our situation. It is a relief to know that I can prioritise my relationship with my son, and that holding a line, just for the sake of it, can be counter productive. Thank you Henry, I can't wait for the next one.

Melanie Dotty


So much wisdom being shared!

There is so much wisdom in being shared here, especially the importance of nurturing the relationship with my daughter and not creating barriers to that. I feel inspired and supported to continue to enable my daughters autonomy and have come away comforted by the sense of being understood. Thank you Henry!


1. How much time is required?

Our live Parent Masterclass will run for approximately 60-90 minutes.

2. How do we access the training?

We will facilitate our live Masterclass via zoom. There is no recording, so you will need to attend live. 

3. What if I cannot attend this Masterclass?

We run these Masterclasses once a month, you are welcome to sign up to the next one if you can't make it.

4. I’m curious, why are you doing these free Masterclasses?

I love to meet and help new parents in any way that I can using my depth of experience and insight. Of course, we will get to know each other in this way too and if we find that we are a good fit, then this will open the door for us to work together on a longer term basis in the future. 

5. When do we begin?

Our next Masterclass starts at 11:30am on 7th Sept 2022 (UK)


You missed out!

6. Ok, how do I get a spot?

If you’ve read everything here and want to get started and get involved, please send me a message via Facebook DM saying 'I'm in' (by clicking on the link below) and I'll add you to our Messenger Pod group, where you can interact with me and the Masterclass community and receive the Zoom registration link for the Masterclass. I look forward to meeting you soon!