Parent Community Call

Weekly Parent Community Call 

WEDNESDAYS @ 12-1pm UK on Zoom

FRIDAYS @ 5-6pm UK on Zoom

*Recordings of all calls will be available in the Private Facebook Group

  • Private, safe, confidential space to share openly, normalise family experience and ask questions
  • Responsive live group coaching from Henry for all parenting challenges, individual and collective
  • Powerful and mutually supportive parenting community with our own private Facebook Group
  • Empowering parenting behaviours, techniques and approaches that are suited to you and your family

The calls will provide a space for all to share and embed the many takeaways and insights from the Trust Challenge, as well as leaving plenty of time for questions and new considerations. This is a powerfully supportive network and community to support us in our teen parenting, and educating challenges on-goingly. 

The calls will take place on Zoom, with camera and audio functions for all on the call, and will be participatory to the degree that each person wishes to show up and contribute to the group.  Henry is very experienced at hosting group Zoom calls and will always ensure that everyone in the group is served well.  No one needs to be on camera or share if they don't want to although it is definitely encouraged!

Our overall focus for 2022 will be on empowering love, trust, openness, respect, honouring and communication in our relationships with our children.  The calls will be completely responsive to the Group's needs.

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