Open Evening for Parents of Teens

🔥 Discover the Young Fire Academy: Parent Open Evening on Zoom! 🔥

Join us on Tuesday, 12th March, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm for an exclusive showcase opportunity into our transformative 6-month Teen & Parent Coaching Programme for families with students who are preparing for their GCSEs (Years 9-11, age 13-16). 

  • Meet Henry, the Head Coach and driving force behind the Academy

  • Explore the programme's core methods and outcomes with him

  • Learn how YFA’s innovative ‘Five Flames’ design inspires intrinsic motivation, self-direction and responsibility in young adults, in and out of school

  • Share your own experience and ask any questions you may have

🌟 What to Expect:

Genius Model Unveiling: Understand the innovative model that guides the programme’s approach, content and objectives. Hear how the principles of trust, choice and fun are essential in enabling greater motivation, self-direction and responsibility in teenagers and the ultimate outcome of finding their own true purpose, in school and in life.

  • The Five Flames: Discover these five USPs of the Young Fire Academy.  See how we’ve designed a programme, using our 20+ years of tutoring and coaching experience, that systematically addresses the roots of the problems  many families are facing in the GCSE years: teen boredom, demotivation, disengagement and poor performance in school alongside tension, frustration and mutual disempowerment for both parent and teen in home life.

  • Parent Testimonials and Case Studies: Hear first hand from parents and students who have experienced incredible transformation in their school and home lives and great harmonisation in relationships that were previously strained. Gain insights from these real-life success stories and the profound impact of the Young Fire Academy approach.

  • Module Highlights: Get a sneak peek into the different programmes available, from the Maths & English Hubs to the Group & 1:1 Coaching Calls which cover a diverse range of topics that empower teens to ultimately take ownership  of their studies and lives. 

📌 How to Join:

Register now to reserve your spot at the Young Fire Academy's Open Evening on Zoom by clicking the link below. 

Be part of an interactive session where you can connect with Henry, explore the program details, and have your queries addressed.

🚀 Don't miss this opportunity to ignite the spark of purpose in your teen's life! 🚀

We look forward to meeting you soon