GCSE Maths Hub Details

This Half Term I am SUPER excited to be offering this Maths Mastery Hub with a select group of awesome and open teenagers to bring meaning, purpose and enjoyment to their Maths GCSE studies.

My plan for these few days - above all else - is for it to be really FUN, for us to connect as a community and hear from everyone broadly about their lives before diving into Maths Mindset and the 5 Maths Topics for Mastery that each student will self-select.

If we achieve fun, authentic relationship and engagement then I know the effects of these sessions will resonate throughout the rest of each participating student's year (and beyond...) in terms of their agency, autonomy and maturity to self-direct.  This is my ultimate wish in all my work with teens and parents!

It might sound like a contradiction in terms - Maths & fun - but trust me, the two absolutely have to collide for for us to drop into the right mindset, set the right foundations for our work together and embrace our full potential as learners, all of us, me included 🙂

The sessions will be a mix of mindset coaching and practical action, with simple goal-setting and customised self-study periods in between morning and afternoon sessions, and a review at the end of each day.

It's not going to be hard work either: the group sessions will be lively, playful and engagingly interactive without putting anyone too much on the spot and the work in between morning and afternoon sessions easily achievable.

The point is for your teen to discover these things:

  1. 👉🏽  The purpose (and beauty) of studying Maths in the first place (beyond a grade)
  2. 👉🏽  Why resistance to studying is futile (!) and easy-going, focussed action beats inaction every time
  3. 👉🏽  How to harmonise relationship with subject, teacher, schooling, parents...
  4. 👉🏽  How to empower not just Maths but all other subject learning too

And then get into the Maths itself:

  • 5 student selected topics for Mastery
  • Exam technique based & best practice - Maths Mindset
  • Videos and practice worksheets
  • End of day reviews to assess progress

The idea is to introduce students to new habits, new ways of relating to learning and new tools for self-study, in Maths, but also for all of their GCSEs

Your teens will walk away with:

  • Strengthened beliefs in their maths ability and enjoyment
  • Practical strategies for improving in Maths right away
  • Ways to self-study and take responsibility for this journey for their own benefit
  • A taste for ownership and autonomy that will stay with them long-term
  •  And, so much more!

Spaces are limited and these are the conditions to be accepted:

  1. They are coachable. I will simply provide actionable steps to implement. Trusting the process and following me as their Coach is key to getting results.
  2. They agree to complete a short survey after the Maths Hub to share their insights and results.
  3. They bring an awesome attitude and energy to our Teen Community.
  4. We suggest also being prepared to have their camera on so that they can get the most out of being in the session.


1. How much time is required?

3 hours a day, both days: 

11.30-1pm, (1/2 hr self study in between) and 

5-6pm end of day review

2. How do we access the training?

We will facilitate our live Maths Hub via zoom. There is no recording, so they will need to attend live. 

3. What if I cannot attend this Maths Hub?

We run these Maths Hubs periodically in the holiday periods, you are welcome to sign up to the next one if you can't make it.

4. What if I can't afford the Maths Hub?

We will reserve 2 half price scholarship places per group for students and parents who are an excellent fit for the offer, but can't afford it. To discuss this, please book a call with Henry using the link below. Please also message Henry ahead of your call if you can only attend at the scholarship price using this link:  https://m.me/henrydingle

5. How do we book a spot?

Click below to book a 30 minute call with Henry. He needs to meet with you, and your teen for a 10 minute chat in the middle of the call, to make sure you're all a good fit for the Maths Hub offer. Please do book the call straight away if you want to because places are limited!