The GSD Club

Getting 'Stuff' Done Club for teenagers

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 The Getting 'Stuff' Done Club

With Henry Dingle

‘The GSD Club’ (Getting ‘Stuff’ Done), aims to be a potent cultural and educational forum for empowering maturity, responsibility, self-direction, purpose and enjoyment, in studies and in life passions. This is a group call for young adult students on a Tuesday, 4.30-5.30pm, to fill, what I feel is a HUGE missing piece in what we are providing to teenagers these days.

What will my child get from these calls?

  • An empowering and inclusive culture
  • A safe forum and training space for naturally exalted & respectful relating
  • A vehicle for self-direction and self-development, in and out of school
  • A community for inspiring purpose, fulfilment, aspiration and achievement 
  • A thinking and listening environment
  • A platform for sharing and speaking openly
  • An hub for increasing maturity, self-leadership, responsibility and service

What will your child be getting 

from the THEIR perspective


It’s basically going to be a ‘Homework Club’ (not called that though ;), with a strong Community, Mentorship & Empowerment element (again not necessary for them to have it framed like that).  For them, we’ll just be hanging out and then holding a space for getting some work done.

What is the Time Commitment?

The time commitment to take part in the Club is a 1 hour call each week, and follow through on any projects they are working on.
the GSD club


99 per month

  • Weekly Calls
  • Student Community
  • 30-minute parent review with Henry, every term
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Personal Note

I can’t wait to work with you and your child and look forward to seeing you on the calls and for this incredible, unmissable, GSD Club.