Taming Teen Gaming Without Blaming or Shaming

How to empower beneficial technology usage and conscious choices in our teens

Webinar starts at 8:30pm on 02 March 2022


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Is Your Teen’s Gaming Causing Conflict in Your Home?

Gaming, social media and technology can sometimes seem to be taking over our kids' lives, causing us parents a great deal of distress and anxiety, by apparently shrinking their natural range of interests and experience and stunting the important development of their natural loves, abilities and skills.  What do we do with these concerns as parents? And is there anything we can do, or need to do, about this situation? 

 This huge topic is under-discussed by most, unclear to so many of us parents... what do we do with this takeover of our children's attention and time?

Taming Teen Gaming, Without Shaming or Blaming: Free Parent Webinar

In this webinar, Henry will seek to relieve and reassure anxious parents of ‘technology addicted teenagers’ and heavy gamers whilst also providing what he has found to be the essential parenting foundations for empowering motivation, purpose and fulfilment in teenage children.

Included in the Webinar

You will walk away from this hour long webinar with a renewed sense of ease and purpose around how to deal with your teenager's gaming and with some essential tools to help you and your family cope with the unprecedentedly powerful influence technology has, especially gaming and social media, on the development, socialisation and education of our children.

benefit 1

Relief from the burden of thoughts about how much your teens are gaming… if it creates any conflict or tension in your relationship and household.., if you feel like they’re gaming whilst also dropping other important responsibilities like schoolwork and the development of their other interests and passions… then you really should join this webinar.

benefit 2

Support with embracing and empowering teen gaming… getting behind it in some ways… harmonising our own relationships with the whole idea of gaming… getting used to it too… playing the long game of trust if they are gaming a lot, to empower our children’s own natural discernment and conscious choices in their activities and the use of their precious time, attention and resources.

benefit 3

Finding how we can support our children to remain motivated, socially confident, happy, healthy and purposeful, in and out of school, even if Gaming IS a natural passion of theirs and their new ‘social life’.

About Henry Dingle

Online Teen Mentor and Parent Coach, Henry Dingle, has been working with teenagers now for over 20 years, blending his knack for engaging teenagers in authentic mentoring relationship with specialist English & Maths GCSE tuition. Henry created the Young Fire Academy’s flagship ‘12 Week Mentorship Programme’ in 2019 to also include the parent support and coaching element to help the parents themselves learn to effectively motivate, love and empower their children at this highly pressurised age and stage in schooling and developmental terms.

The programme tackles contemporary student mindset issues and removes typical parent stumbling blocks, relieving parents of the great burden of stress and family tension and empowering their demotivated, underperforming teens by bringing back enjoyment, meaning & purpose to their studies and lives.

As part of the growing Young Fire Academy Parenting Community, Henry is running a FREE webinar series for Parents of Teens on the first Wednesday of every month from 8:30 - 9:30 pm (UK)

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Dawn Sproson

Property Manager

A Firm Foundation

Henry’s webinar was a clearly laid out presentation of challenges faced by parents and educators and his experiences in testing his aspirations to set teenagers free to be their best selves. A reminder that with love past failures can always be turned to experience. As every parent loves their child, there is a firm foundation to start from no matter the apparent distance between them. His confidence in his vision gives hope for a sound future for parents longing to see their children at peace with themselves, their families and the world.

Susan Laney


Best Hour Spent in Long Time!

Hearing Henry's straight talk about how best to support my teen has given me such a boost, to see there are simple (and profound) things I can do to support our situation. It is a relief to know that I can prioritise my relationship with my son, and that holding a line, just for the sake of it, can be counter productive. Thank you Henry, I can't wait for the next one.

Christine Dotty


Star In His Field

Such an amazing, convincing and thought provoking webinar. Henry is a real star in this field and is doing a lot of good. I’m totally on board with all he said, and get great support from his words of wisdom. I’m forwarding the webinar recording to my sister…

I look forward to seeing you!

I so look forward to seeing you all on the webinar and I hope and trust that it will provide insight, empowerment and support for many.

Join us, it is going to be juicy!! 

All love to you and your families,