Enlightened Essay Writing

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Find out about what's in the Course

Course details:

For the Teen:

  • 6-Week Group Essay Writing Course - 6-7pm on Thursdays, starting 22nd Feb 2024
  • Coaching on Purpose, Motivation, Self-Direction & Responsibility
  • Immersion in an Exceptional Community & Culture
  • Weekly Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Private Teen Whatsapp Group Empowering Independence and Connection
  • 1:1 Email / Whatsapp Contact with Henry

For the Parent:

  • Access to Weekly YFA Parent Coaching Call - Wednesdays, 8.30-9.30pm (UK)
  • Community Whatsapp (+ coaching support)
  • Trust Your Teen Parent Programme (5 Hr Audio Course)
  • 30 min 1:1 Parent Review Call at the end of the programme


For the Teen:

  • Increased enjoyment and love of writing.
  • Increased belief in themselves and their writing abilities
  • Confidence in expressing their opinion, in the group and on the page 
  • Greater maturity in how they relate to schooling and education
  • Greater sense of purpose in English, in school and in life

For the Parent:

  • Support to step back, to allow your teen to step up
  • Greater ease in your relationship, where you can enjoy being together with less stress, nagging and micromanaging them about their studies
  • Through the Trust Your Teen Parent Programme online course, support to empower you teen to 'self-direct' their own learning - to lead on it themselves and do it with joy, motivation and purpose
  • Supportive parent community

Step 3: Book a 30-minute call with Henry

This personalised session will give both you and your teen the opportunity to explore how our "Enlightened Essay Writing" program aligns with their goals and aspirations. We'll discuss the unique benefits tailored to your teen's needs and address any questions or concerns you may have. It's a chance to ensure that this course is the perfect fit for your family.