Enlightened Essay Writing Sign Up Page

The Enlightened Essay Writing Programme is a 6-week course that starts on Thursday 22nd of February 2024.

Calls will take place each Thursday on Zoom from 6-7pm (UK) from 22nd February until 14th March. The final 2 calls will either take place during the Easter holidays, or after the Easter holidays, depending on student availability. 

The programme cost is £500.  Please click 'Sign Up Here' to set up your payment and sign up for the course.

Course details:

For the Teen:

  • 6-Week Group Essay Writing Course - 6-7pm on Thursdays, starting 22nd Feb 2024
  • Coaching on Purpose, Motivation, Self-Direction & Responsibility
  • Immersion in an Exceptional Community & Culture
  • Weekly Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Private Teen Whatsapp Group Empowering Independence and Connection
  • 1:1 Email / Whatsapp Contact with Henry

For the Parent:

  • Access to Weekly YFA Parent Coaching Call - Wednesdays, 8.30-9.30pm (UK)
  • Community Whatsapp (+ coaching support)
  • Trust Your Teen Parent Programme (5 Hr Audio Course)
  • 30 min 1:1 Parent Review Call at the end of the programme


For the Teen:

  • Increased enjoyment and love of writing.
  • Increased belief in themselves and their writing abilities
  • Confidence in expressing their opinion, in the group and on the page 
  • Greater maturity in how they relate to schooling and education
  • Greater sense of purpose in English, in school and in life

For the Parent:

  • Support to step back, to allow your teen to step up
  • Greater ease in your relationship, where you can enjoy being together with less stress, nagging and micromanaging them about their studies
  • Through the Trust Your Teen Parent Programme online course, support to empower you teen to 'self-direct' their own learning - to lead on it themselves and do it with joy, motivation and purpose
  • Supportive parent community