The FREE 5-DAY ‘Trust Your Teen’ Parent Challenge

How to Empower Real GCSE and Life Success In Your Child


This Challenge is for parents looking to dramatically empower their parenting, with immediate effect!  To learn to give ultimate support to your teen, at this crucial, transitional age and stage, so that you can all deal with the pressures of exams and futures in a way that doesn't tear you apart, but brings you closer.  

From 20 years of experience working with young adults and parents, I know that trust is the golden key to helping teenagers to step up and take ownership of their studies and lives, and for parents to stop the self-defeating fussing, nagging, micro-managing and worrying.

These are the results you can expect to see during the course of the Challenge Week and forever after:

Increased family peace and harmony, open communication channels and greater closeness with your teen.

Inspiration and education based on expertise that will help you 'keep the faith' way beyond Challenge Week.

A treasure trove of new tools, tips, tricks and techniques that you can rely on to empower all challenges ahead

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LIVE Schedule

Mon 8th - Fri 12th Nov

*Live videos will be available for catch up

DAY ONE - Mon 8th Nov 11-12pm 

DAY TWO - Tues 9th Nov 11-12pm 

DAY THREE - Wed 10th Nov 11-12pm 

DAY FOUR - Thurs 11th Nov 11-12pm

DAY FIVE - Fri 12th Nov 10-11am

The 5-Day Challenge will take place live in  private 5-Day 'Trust Your Teen' Challenge Facebook Group.  You will be invited to join this group once you have registered for the Challenge.

If you are unable to attend live on any of the days that's no problem, you can catch up any time that day, by watching the live recording of each session that will be posted immediately afterwards in the Challenge Facebook Group.

Also there are going to be several added pop-up, extras during the course of the week, depending on what we see will serve best: Q & As, Parent Hotseat Interviews (voluntary!) and Guest Speakers... so keep an eye on the group for announcements of when these will be.

There will be exercises to complete after some of the sessions (1/2 hour max time commitment each day).  

Full participation is the best and easiest way to achieve the profound results you are after.